Международная выставка China Laundry Expo 2014 откроется в сентябре

Уборка после ремонта 2-комнатной квартиры в Москве

DATE : September 20th-22th, 2014
VENUE: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Famous exhibiting brand in previous edition included Alliance, Speed Queen, UniMac, Hoffman-New Yorker, Milnor, Multimatic, Milliken, Tingue Brown, GEP from USA;, Primus form Belgium, YAC, Nihon Sealing and San-ai from Japan; Andrew, Cole&Wilson from UK; Cobber, Bufa, Ecotex from Germany; Goudkuil from Netherlands; Fornet, Wistar from France; Higiensec, Unisec from Spain; Ipso from Belgium, Renzacci, Ilsa, Fenice from Italy; Jensen from Denmark; Stelco from Australia; Tamfelt form Portugal; LG,Sungjin NC from Korea; Cliffton from Hong Kong; Yingelan from Taiwan; Sailstar, Sea-Lion, Weishi, Castic-smp, Shenguang, Topoly, Oasis, etc. from mainland China.

Last edition was held in Beijing with nearly 10,000 sqm2 exhibiting space. 2014 exhibition will be held in the first floor and second floor in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. Total show space will be expected to reach 15,000m2 with more than 800 booths.

According to investigation and estimation by China Laundry Association, designated size laundry(factory) are about 300,000 in 2012, quantity of employment is about 1,500,000 people, yearly washability is about 300,000,000 pieces, while business income is over RMB 6,000,000,000 yearly with 10% increase every year. China laundry industry has a great potential demand and a promising market.

Exhibits Range:
1. Equipment for laundry, dry-cleaning, stain removing, dyeing, ironing and packing.
2. Apparatus, devices, accessories and consuming materials for laundry, dry-cleaning, stain removing, dyeing, ironing and packing.
3. Chemicals and detergents for laundry, dry-cleaning, stain removing, dyeing and disinfecting.
4. Laundry and dry-cleaning service, laundry leasing service.
5. Franchising, laundry plant design and construction, training service.
6. Measuring equipment for environmental protection.
7. Laundry systems, management software, media, publications
8. Other related products and services.

Target Buyers:
Laundry Stores, Laundry Companies, Laundry Factories;
Laundry Departments of Hotels and Holiday Resort;
Laundry Departments of Hospitals and Nursing Homes;
Laundry Departments of Government, Schools, Army, Airline, Railway Stations, Enterprises;
Investor of Laundry Franchise;
Dealers, Agents, Importer & Exporters;
Media and Related Laundry Institutes.

Уборка после ремонта 3-комнатной квартиры